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    The asbestos fiber insulation materials


    Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous silica minerals generally referred to, is a widely used in building fire prevention board silicate mineral fiber, natural mineral fiber is the only. The rock under dynamic metamorphic conditions. The asbestos fiber is inorganic mineral fiber refers to the serpentine and amphibole system, basic components of hydrated magnesium silicate (3Mg0· 3SiO2 · 2H2O). Characteristics of asbestos fiber is resistant to heat, does not burn, water resistance, acid resistance, chemical corrosion resistance. There are more than 30 types of asbestos fibers, but the most used in industry has 3 kinds, namely the chrysotile, crocidolite,amosite. Asbestos is carcinogenic, possible infection cancer mesothelioma and lung cancer in asbestos dust serious environment, in the operation should pay attention to the protection. Used as adhesive is heat resistant and flame retardant filler.

    One, characteristic

    (1) is smaller than the density and bulk density. Than the average density of 2.75, density is 1600 ~ 2200kg/m3, is a very good light material.

    (2) the low thermal conductivity of. Thermal conductivity of 0.198 ~ 0.244W (m · K).

    Asbestos fibers

    (3) low conductivity. Its life than the cast iron pipe, high mechanical strength, can process underpressure. Is a good electrical insulating materials.

    (4) easy machining. Nail can well be products drove, and wood properties similar to this.

    (5) the nature of the chemical stability. Although not acid, but in the mineral water tube durableconcrete.

    Constituent structure.

    Two, composition

    The chrysotile asbestos chemical composition, crystal structure, morphology and activity werestudied, discussed the principle of chrysotile asbestos preparation of fibrous nano S iO2, and the test result is analyzed. Chrysotile nano tubular material of natural output, the diameter of the inner tube is 3.5~24 nm, the majority of less than 11 nm, the diameter of the outer pipe is 16~56nm, the vast majority in the 20~50 nm range. Chemically pure chrysotile asbestos samples were SiO2, MgO and H2O+, the mass fraction of SiO2 is about 42%, MgO is about 42% and thestructure of water H2O+ is about 13%. Chrysotile has a tube like structure, chemical bonddecides its chemical activity is very good and can transform nature, creates the basis forpreparation of fibrous nano SiO2 powder material. Chrysotile asbestos fiber after acid treatment,MgO components are leached out into sulfate, and the residual amorphous nano SiO2 fiberdebris; after treatment can obtain the fibrous SiO2 nanoparticles.

    Three, application

    The asbestos fiber (asbestos fiber) can be made into yarn, thread, rope, cloth, packing and so on, as the transmission, heat preservation, heat insulation, insulation, sealing and other parts of the material or the lining material in construction is mainly used to made of asbestos, asbestos paper fire board, pipe insulation and heat preservation, heat insulation, kiln pad and insulation,sound insulation and sealing material. Asbestos fiber and method for making cement mixingmethod for making cement tile, asbestos board, asbestos and asbestos roof board, tube method for making cement products. Asbestos and asbestos can be made of asphalt mixing asphaltproducts, such as asbestos bitumen sheet, cloth (felt), paper, brick and liquid filling method for making cement asbestos paint, pavement and expansion of cracks with the putty. Defense of asbestos and phenolic, polypropylene plastic adhesive, can be made into rocket ablation resistant material, the wings of the aircraft, tanks, rocket tail nozzle and torpedo high-speedtransmitter, ships, cars and aircraft, tanks, ship of the noise, insulation materials, asbestos andall kinds of rubber mixing die, also can be made into a sealing material. A liquid rocket engine.

    1 textile. Since most of the asbestos fiber length is shorter, more brittle, easily broken, by mechanical processing is easy to pollute the air. In order to improve the spinning process andprevent pollution by wet spinning, first made of asbestos film strip yarns by twisting, and thenprocessed into a variety of asbestos products.

    The 2 building. Method for making cement asbestos products, a common method for making cement pipe such as asbestos, asbestos tile and method for making cement plate method for making cement asbestos and asbestos composite plate. Various color asbestos, asbestos board, color has been gradually popularized, asbestos board can also be used for building insulation, sound insulation wallboard. The method for making cement production of asbestosproducts generally hard structure of needle cotton, grade requirements are not very high, 4 ~ 5 cotton can meet the application requirements.

    Method for making cement asbestos products with higher flexural and tensile strength, can be made of thin-walled products; also has many advantages such as corrosion resistance,waterproof, frost resistance and good heat resistance and easy processing machinery etc.. Its main disadvantage is the anti impact strength is low; asbestos fibers can improve asphaltsoftening temperature and decrease in low temperature brittleness in the asphalt and asphaltproducts can be used as building waterproof, thermal insulation, moisture-proof, caulking,insulation, anti alkali and other materials.

    3 industrial

    (1) asbestos insulation products. For example, the outer wall of the boiler and pipe makingcommon asbestos insulation layer, the thermal efficiency can improve the boiler; steamequipment insulation, can reduce the workshop temperature; refrigeration equipment withasbestos insulation, can improve the refrigeration effect; used for vehicle, ship traffic tools such as boiler room insulation, will not be increased or the temperature of the carriage.

    (2) asbestos rubber products: mainly used in the sealed liner of various equipment. The main varieties include: oil immersed asbestos packing, oil immersed asbestos, graphite packing,asbestos, asbestos rubber plate, oil resistant plate etc.. Production volume is the largestcommon asbestos rubber plate (high, medium and low pressure) and oil resistant plate,generally with the chrysotile production, according to the grade of different choice of different levels.

    (3) asbestos brake (drive) products: is indispensable to any transmission machinery andtransport, because asbestos has higher mechanical strength and heat resistance, has good friction performance..

    Four, detection


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