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    High Temperature Fiberglass Fabric and Cloth



    High temperature fiberglass fabric and cloth will protect your goods well,so do you want to have high temperature fiberglass fabric and cloth with a high quality and low cost? Our product will meet your needs well.
    It features good temperature tolerance, 24 working temperature -140 to 360 Celsius degree, Low coefficient of friction and dielectric constant, good insulating capacity,stable dimension, high intensity, elongation coefficient less 5‰,non stick, easy to clear adhesives on the surface.it can almost resist most of chemical medicines, acids, alkalis and salt; fireproof, lower in aging.
    Our high temperature fiberglass fabric and cloth is used as various of liners to resist high temperature, such as microwave liner, over liner or other liners,and various conveyor belts, fusing belts, sealing belts or anywhere need resisting high temperature, non stick, chemical resistance etc.It’s also can be used as covering or wrapping material in petroleum, chemical industries, as wrapping material, insulating material, high temperature resistance material in electrical industries, desulfurizing material in power plant etc.
    With our own export license, our high temperature fiberglass fabric and cloth have been exported to different market, such as American, Russia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, winning the unanimous praise from the customers at home and abroad.


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