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    Glass fiber fabrics


    8     Do you want to buy a low cost glass fiber fabrics with high strength and mechanical performance?

    Our glass fiber fabrics are made from best imported fiberglass as the weaving material to plain knit or specially knit into superior fiberglass basic cloth, coated with fine resin then make it into various of high temperature resistance cloth in different thickness and widths.It can be used as various of liners to resist high temperature, such as microwave liner, over liner or other liners. Of course,it is served as various conveyor belts, fusing belts, sealing belts or anywhere need resisting high temperature, non stick, chemical resistance etc.

    It features good temperature tolerance, 24 working temperature -140 to 360 Celsius degree, and Non stick, easy to clear adhesives on the surface. It is endowed with good chemical resistance: it can almost resist most of chemical medicines, acids, alkalis and salt; fireproof, lower in aging.

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