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    Fire Resistant Brick


     Fire Resistant Bricks  High Quality Fire Resistant Bricks for Sale

    Do you want to have a gigh quality fire resistant bricks with low cost? Our company specialized in re&pr high quality fire resistant bricks,will meet your needs well.

    Typically our firebrick range is based upon flint clay giving it both a low iron and low alkali characteristic.Resistance to thermal shock,abrasion,chemical attack and reducing atmospheres are just some of the key criteria determining choice of product within each application.A wide range of sizes are held in stock.High alumina bricks are produced with selected bauxite chamotte by advanced process and strict quality control.The main mineral components are corundum and mullite phases.It features excellent high temperature mechanics and chemical corrosion resistance.
    Our fire resistant bricks is widely used for carbon bake furnaces in the aluminium industry, preheat zones and cyclones of rotary cement kilns, insulation for glass tanks, coke ovens, blastfurnaces,reheating furnaces, roofs, lime kilns, chimney,etc.
    With our own export license, our products still have been moved towards the world, and constantly exported to these countries, such as the Uk, the US, the Middle East, Japan and France etc.

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