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    Fire Brick


    13   As a professional supplier of fire brick, Our company specialized in rearseching, making and producing all kinds of ceramic fiber products, class fire blanket, fire prevention, fire safety emergency cases and other high-end refractory products.
    Our fire brick is widely used for all kinds of industries, such as carbon bake furnaces in the aluminium industry, preheat zones and cyclones of rotary cement kilns, insulation for glass tanks, coke ovens, blast furnaces, reheating furnaces ,Suspended roofs, lime kilns, chimney, etc.
    It features excellent high temperature mechanics and chemical corrosion resistance.Can be used in various kilns because of its cheapness and general tray package. Among all of the refractory materials, it is the most widely used.
    We have got ISO9001 international quality system authorization. And we have earned the largest trust from all of customers for our quick responses quality, on-time delivery, creativity.Our products are exported to Russia, South Korea,Singapore,Europe, US and the other countries.

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