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    Ceramic Fiber Rope




    Do you want to possess a top level ceramic fiber rope with excellent high temperature stability, our products will meet your needs well.
    Our ceramic fiber rope is made of ceramic fiber cotton, non-alkali glass filament or high temperature resistant stainless steel aluminum alloy wire through special process. The products have high strength, good flexibility, strong workability.Hermal white ceramic fiber rope normally called Ceramic Fiber Packing. It is braided by high quality ceramic fiber. Excellent substitute for asbestos square rope. Ceramic fiber textile with stainless steel wire and glass filament reinforcement. It has low thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength, and good thermal shock resistance.
    Our ceramic fiber rope mainly used for high temperature pipe insulation and seali,cable insulation coatin,coke oven opening sealing,pyrolyzer brick wall expansion joints,electric stove, bake oven’s door sealing, boiler,high temperature gas seals,and flexible expansion joint connection.
    As a professional ceramic fiber manufacturer, We have being specialized in producing ceramic fiber products for more than 5 years, and all our products are exported.Our products are exported to Russia,South Korea,Singapore,Europe, US and the other countries.

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