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    Ceramic fiber brick



     Ceramic fiber brick Specifications:

      Cheap ceramic fiber brick for sale from supplier
    1.low thermal conductivity and low heat storage
    2.fireproofing ,sound-insulation

       Ceramic fiber brick Description:

      1. low thermal conductivity and low heat stroage

    2.high quality of tensile strength

    3.Excellent stability and thermal shock resistance

    4.Excellent heat insulation,fine proofing and sund-absorbability

      Typical application of china Ceramic fiber brick

       1.Lining of atove,heating equipments and high temperature pipeline

       2.Lining of high temperature reacting and heating equipments in chemical engineering

       3.Fire proofing and heat insulation of high building

       5.Heat insulation of kiln door and lid

       6.Material for high-temperature filtrating

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