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      Leling Hongyu Insulation Refractory Material Co., Ltd. is a new-energy, high-tech, non-toxic and environment-friendly Company. The Company engaged in producing the ceramic fiber fire-proofing cloth, ropes and packing which have the attribute of fire proofing, inflaming retarding and thermostability (1200℃). Each yarn internal adds the stainless steel wire which can make the product tension stronger and refractory & thermostability higher. The ceramic fiber products are the substitute of asbestos which possess the performance of well abrasive resistance, moisture proofing and anti-aging. The service life and thermostability are three times above than asbestos, and they play a vitally important role in the field of fire proofing construction materials.

    Located in Industrial Park of Le ling city, Shandong province, Leling Hongyu Insulation Refractory Material Co., Ltd.is a professional manufacturer, which produces high-end refractory products, including ceramic fiber products, A level fireproof blanket, fireproof suit, fire safety emergency case, etc..

    Since established in 2009, our Company has been consistently achieved high praise from clients by right of well-deserved reputation, specialized technology as well as excellent product quality after putting the products into market. Our Company is also ranked as the preferred supplier by Fire Authority of local government.In order to further expand the market, the Company established the Sales Branch in Jinan in 2010 ,mainly facing to international market, and the products were exported in fifty countries and regions including in Asia, Africa, Latin American,European, etc.. Besides, the Company is equipped with professional construction team to provide client all kinds of information & construction service under the complicated situation.

    Quality is the lifeline for Company and reputation is safeguard for development. Our Company will spare no effort to innovate and provide client the first-class products & most satisfactory service. We wholeheartedly welcome clients home and abroad as well as friends all circles to cooperate for common glory. It is our main goal

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